People Spill Their Inexplicably Irrational Childhood Fears On Twitter| thumbnail text - Mike @michael_mascia Did anyone else have an irrational fear of Venus flytraps as a kid or were you normal ? 7:20 PM · Sep 18, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

People Spill Their Inexplicably Irrational Childhood Fears On Twitter

Quicksand is just not really a thing
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people reveal their biggest fears | thumbnail text - prth @paaarth319 dying with regret, geyser exploding mid-shower, and being ambushed by ostriches

People Reveal Their Biggest Fears (Twitter Thread)

Our deepest, darkest fears
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people confess their rational and totally irrational fears | thumbnail text - Bob Gurnett @BoblsntFunny My three biggest fears in order: 3. Plane crash 2. Home invasion 1. Not remembering how you know someone and having to stumble through a polite conversation. Katie Haller @halleratyou My biggest fears in life are: -pigeons -rejection -clogging someone's toilet -failure -bcc emails -heights

People Confess Their Biggest Rational And Totally Irrational Fears

There's no logic to it, really
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Men Admit Their True Biggest Fears| Thumbnail text - angcalinban • 16h Not being able to defend my family is probably the big one. Also bears. G Reply 1 73 3

Men Admit Their Secret Biggest Fears

We are all scaredy-cats deep down
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Twitter users document their psycho roommate stories | thumbnail text - jake @jakehovan Today is the 1 year anniversary of my past psycho roommate throwing the fish tank in the middle of the street at 3 AM in a blacked out rampage 7:38 PM · Mar 10, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Funniest 'Psycho Roommate' Tweets Of The Week (March 15, 2020)

Watch your back
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Dentist memes | tweet by Anna Kendrick I get the same feeling at the dentist that I get when a cop car is behind me; I haven't done anything wrong, but I feel incredibly guilty.

Anxiety Mixed With Humor: Funny Tweets About Going To The Dentist

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