Father of Two Creates Hilarious Comics of the Joys and Chaos of Parenting

A lot of the time we say that mothers know the struggles of stay-at-home parenting. Such as, chasing the kids around the house, changing them maybe 6 times a day because somehow they get dirty from the clean house (it's quit impressive really) cleaning all the destruction they have made (seriously how long has that apple been there?). Oh lets not forget the biggest struggle of them all... those awesome tantrums and fits! The struggle is real....but we sometimes forget it could be the fathers that have that honor. Or at least for a while. Many countries actually give fathers a paternity leave as well, which allow them to hep out and bond.

 So when Norwegian artist Ståle Gerhardsen, took his paternity leave, which made him a stay-at-home dad, it was all to our gain. The father of two has and still creates the most hilarious cartoons in which he depicts the joy and chaos of caring for his two kids.

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