funny women roast 2021 fashion trends | thumbnail text - Ayo Edebiri @ayoedebiri ... to whomever is deciding fashion trends at the moment and making the theme "things I was bullied for wearing in middle school"...kindly stop I'm tired 4:19 AM May 29, 2021 · Twitter Web App 343 Retweets 23 Quote Tweets 8,097 Likes

Women Are Mercilessly Roasting 2021's Fashion Trends

They are NOT happy
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vintage pictures of men in short shorts from the 1970s

Vintage Pictures Of Marvelous Men In Short Shorts

Thighlights of 1970s fashion
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Men's fashion staples that are turnoffs | thumbnail text - Blytheanne · 4h Had a BF who wore Crocs-with socks-for every occasion. And I do mean every occasion. One of the many reasons I sent him packing

Men's Fashion Staples That Are Huge Turnoffs

Just no
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awful fashion designs that make no sense whatsoever | thumbnail includes two pictures of bad fashion

Awful Fashion Designs That Make No Sense Whatsoever

Crimes against fashion
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fashion fails so bad they're criminal | thumbnail includes two images of bad fashion

Fashion Choices So Bad, They Seem Criminal

True crimes against fashion
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pictures of men wearing skirts and dresses as fashion | thumbnail three images of men in skirts and dresses

Men Wearing Skirts And Dresses On The Runway And Calling It Fashion

It's called fashion, look it up.
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Funny tweets about Instagram influencers | thumbnail tweet - Vicky Carr @VickyHCarr A parenting influencer posting about the joy of eating pesto porridge (yes,v that's porridge with pesto in it) for breakfast may just be the line I needed to cross in order to accept I don't belong on Instagram. 2:14 PM · Apr 5, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Tweets Poking Fun At The Ridiculously Over-The-Top Influencers of Instagram

Influencers be like "link in bioooo"
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Funny tweets about athleisure | thumbnail text - les mis stands for miserable lesbian ... @melkelenj there is something so uniquely midwestern white mom abt going to starbucks at 10am on a weekend in athleisure i feel like i should be dropping off my kids at soccer games or something 9:02 PM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Lazy People Demand The Normalization Of Wearing Athleisure At All Times

Athleisure is the new black
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absurd fashion that is offensively awful | thumbnail three panels of crazy catwalk fashion

Absurd Fashion Looks Which Are Offensively Awful

Freaky, but make it fashion
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Man designs Croc briefs, and they are as hideous as you would expect | thumbnail text - Anthony Rogers @MrAnthonyRogers ... I only wear crocs briefs. Like a real man.

Man Designs Crocs Briefs, The Most Heinous Underwear To Exist

As if Crocs could get any worse
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Twelve Female Fashion Icons Who Started The Trends We All Know And Love| thumbnail text - Madonna Low-Rise Jeans Paris Hilton 3400-3685 南青山 5-4 Velour Tracksuits

Twelve Female Fashion Icons Who Started The Trends We All Know And Love

Okay, some we love more than others
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ridiculous men's catwalk looks that somehow passed for fashion | thumbnail includes three images of men on catwalk

Absurd Men's Catwalk Looks That Somehow Passed As Fashion

I have so many questions
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pictures of bad fashion choices that you'll find offensive | socks with sandals, big hairy chewbacca coat, skinny person in a fur cape | woman on ridiculously tall clear high heels pushing cart in store

Fashion Choices So Offensive, They Deserve To Be Destroyed

Bad fashion meets even worse fashion
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people who made incredible outfits from recycled materials | thumbnail includes three pictures of girls in dresses Text - "My prom dress made out of soda pop tabs." "I turned my Grandmother's kitchen wallpaper into a dress."

Incredible Outfits Made Out Of Recycled Materials

All it takes is a little bit of imagination and creativity
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ridiculous matching 1970s outfits } thumbnail includes pictures of man and dog matching and man and woman in bikini matching

Matching Outfits In 70s Fashion Ads Are Utterly Ridiculous

Vintage fashion doing what it does best
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funny tweets about wearing only black regardless of the season | thumbnail Text - Text - Daniel Howell @danielhowell one day i aspire to wear so much black that i simply turn into an event horizon that destroys everything i pass 2:50 AM · Aug 15, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone 11.8K Retweets 414 Quote Tweets 71.2K Likes >

Relatable Tweets About Wearing All Black, Whatever The Season

Only the strong wear black in summer
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