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Man Designs Crocs Briefs, The Most Heinous Underwear To Exist

It's a well-known fact that Crocs have been a fashion abomination since their invention - who knew they could possibly get any worse? Product designer Matt Benedetto is on a mission to contribute the ugliest fashion statements to the industry - but he may have taken it too far this time with his latest invention, Crocs Briefs. Although he calls them "Gator Briefs," it's abundantly clear that he ripped off Crocs. Why anyone would want to rip off that brand, I have no idea. One thing I do know is that this fashion item is likely to turn heads. Get a glimpse of the infamous Crocs Briefs below! 

Man designs Croc briefs, and they are as hideous as you would expect | thumbnail text - Anthony Rogers @MrAnthonyRogers ... I only wear crocs briefs. Like a real man.
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