wedding drama aita | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/throw354235 9 hours ago 9 12 3 3 A 9 AITA For telling my fianceé she's either with me or against me in this conflict? So My fianceè (F, 24) & I (M, 27) got engaged in may and are currently planning for our wedeing in Aug. It's worth mentioning that I'm the sole earner because my fianceé is still in University, I've saved up decent amount of money to afford the wedding.

Fed Up Fiance Demands Bride Choose Between Him And Her Overbearing Parents

Future monster-in-laws
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aita post | thumbnail text -AITA for telling my entire family that my [32f] cousin's [30f] childfree wedding isn't 100% childfree and refusing to attend? I need some insight to see if I'm in the wrong because I really don't feel like I am. I [32F] just received an invite to my cousin Alex's [30F] wedding. It stated on the invite that the wedding was childfree.

Entitled Mother Fuming After Discovering Children Of Bridal Party Are Allowed At Childfree Wedding

Weddings are always strife with drama
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sister drama on aita | thumbnail text - aita ruining my sister's wedding. Not hole Throwaway account and please don't repost anywhere else 24f with my ex fiancé N (27) since 13 and he 15. He my first love, my first everything got engaged 20 and about 6 months after found out were expecting. Unfortunately miscarried couple days later worst moment our lives.

Woman Miscarries, Baby Daddy Leaves Her To Marry Her Sister

This one's a tough read
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Woman Gets Judged By Brother's GF For Making Food That's Not Vegan Enough| Thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/itriedokay123· 23h 1 18 13 3 20 23 2 AITA for not accommodating my brother's vegan fiancee? Not the A-hole

Woman Gets Judged By Brother's GF For Making Food That's Not Vegan Enough

People love to test our patience
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aita family drama | thumbnail text - Posted by u/throwaway168900 14 hours ago AITA for being disappointed at my daughters birth Title sounds bad but I did not know how to word it otherwise. I(36 M) have three beautiful daughters. The joys of my life and the reasons for my happiness. Last week my wife gave birth to my fourth daughter. It was a roller coaster but both my wife and daughter are healthy and home now.

Mother Calls Son 'Misogynistic' For His Fleeting Moment Of Disappointment After His Fourth Daughter's Birth

Misogyny defined wrong
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aita thread about manipulative husband | thumbnail text - AITA for reacting negatively when my husband handed me my birthday gift? My F25 birthday was 2 days ago. I was excited to see what my husband M33 got me. I got him an expensive belt for his birthday 10 months ago but he didn't like it although it was on his which list for so long. He said he just preferred to receive an iPhone or Xbox. He said after I already gifted him the belt 2 days later because he didn't talk about it til 2 days.

Manipulative Husband Returns His Birthday Gift To Wife On Her Birthday To Highlight His Disdain For It

Another toxic marriage
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Dad Tweets That Made Us Want To Slap Our Knees From Laughter| Thumbnail text -

Dad Tweets That Made Us Want To Slap Our Knees From Laughter

Ah, dads
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Hypocritical Husband Refuses to Host Wife's Homeless Mother| Thumbnail text -

Hypocritical Husband Refuses to Host Wife's Homeless Mother

The audacity of some people
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Babysitters Reveal Their Nightmare Experiences On The Job| thumbnail text - whateverspicegirl · 3h The toddler came out into the living room holding the mom's sex toy. I was beyond grossed out! When I went to put it away in their bedroom, they had a whole drawer full of stuff. As a 12 year old, it was a bit much to see. 6 Reply 4 13 3 ...

Babysitters Reveal Their Nightmare Experiences On The Job

Parents, hide your toys
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aita thread about delusional mother | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Willing_Occasion501 11 hours ago 3 5 A 3 AITA for “mom shaming" my sister? My (28F) sister and her wife (32F, 33F) have 3 kids (12F, 10F, 7M). All three kids are 'unschooled', basically meaning they don't go to school or homeschool. My sister had undiagnosed ADHD until college and was miserable in school, so she said she didn't wanna put her kids through that. My sister explained it as letting them learn naturally at their own pa

Woman Calls Out Delusional Sister For Failing To Properly Homeschool Her Kids

Sister knows best
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Preacher's Daughter Gets Caught Doing The Dirty In Her Father's Car| Thumbnail text - After a few days of not getting any alone time I was pretty honry and we decided to take my dad's car to 'run some errands' and said we would be back in a few hours.

Preacher's Daughter Gets Caught Doing The Dirty In Her Father's Car

Not your typical preacher's daughter
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Controlling Mom Freaks Out After Losing Access To Adult Daughters Constant Location| thumbnail text -  r/AmltheAsshole u/xdhailey · 7h AITA for telling my mom her behavior isn't normal, and borderline controlling? Hi, for some background information, I am 19 and live on my own. I pay my rent from student loans in my name, I pay for my phone on the phone bill, and they pay for my car that was a "gift"

Controlling Mom Freaks Out After Losing Access To Adult Daughter's Constant Location

Because just asking where they are is far too much work
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Entitled Woman Expects Nephew To Pay For Her Son's ER Visit From Bee-Sting| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/possiblyTA • 11h AITA for refusing to pay ER visit? for my cousi My fiancée and I are expecting our first child in October. A few weekends ago we had a small baby shower at a local park. Both our families came over and it was a fun time. My cousin (27M) came with my aunt and while we didn't interact too much I know he was playing with our younger cousins plus my nieces out on the grass.

Entitled Woman Expects Nephew To Pay For Her Son's ER Visit From Bee-Sting

'You didn't bring the bee's to the party'
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AITA Reddit thread | thumbnail text - Posted by u/brotherwifeaita 8 hours ago AITA for not telling my brother me and his (now) wife used to be friends with benefits? Throwaway account because friends are on here. Me (23M) and my brother's (26M) wife (23F) have known each other long before they started dating. We met in freshman year of college and almost immediately became friends with benefits, this went on for about 3 years maybe every other day. We weren't compatible at all so we never dated,

Man Fuming After Discovering Wife Used To Be Friends With Benefits With His Brother

Family drama
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People Tweets Things That Kids Today Will Never Understand| Thumbnail text - Just J ... @junejuly12 Sad that kids today will never know the breathless anticipation of flipping pages in the phone book to find just the right name and prank call. 10:17 PM · 8/28/19 · Twitter for iPhone 325 Retweets 5 Quote Tweets 831 Likes

People Tweets Things That Kids Today Will Never Understand

Such a shame
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Parents Vent About Dreaded The Back-To-School Season On Twitter| Thumbnail text - The Dad ... THE DAD @thedad The preschool just said my kid had to be potty-trained before school started. They did NOT say I had to get my toddler to stop calling the toilet seat the "butt hole." 99 7:55 PM · 9/8/21 · Twitter Web App 15 Retweets 105 Likes

Parents Vent About The Dreaded Back-To-School Season On Twitter

Ready or not, it's here
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