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Women Disclose When A Guy Stops Being Funny And Turns Obnoxious

Guys are always on about how girls aren't funny (which is a whole other conversation), but then they can get so angry when a girl doesn't laugh at their jokes. Women really can't win, if they don't laugh, it's not that the joke isn't clever. It's just that they 'simply don't get it,' or they 'have no sense of humor.' Or maybe she's just tired of you recycling the same four Family Guy references, Brad!

Twelve images that might expose your dirty mind| thumbnail text - PurpleWeasel 1 year ago When they have to demand that people laugh and think that's, like, a normal thing to do. Bruh, if you have to say "laugh, it's a joke," then you suck at telling jokes. 2 Give Award Share Report Save
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