Funny Tweets About The Grudges Parents And Kids Hold Against Each Other

When I was about seven years old, a kid in my grade said something nasty to me, which I casually mentioned to my mom when I got home from school. By the next day, I had forgotten about it, and we went back to being friends. My mom, however, still hates her to this day, and every time that girl's name comes up, you can bet my mom will snarkily remind me of the time that said something nasty to me when we were seven. SEVEN! Equally, I have never forgotten when my sister wouldn't let me borrow her earrings for my high school prom, which would have totally made my outfit a million times better. In short, family holds grudges against each other for decades, however stupid the original fight was. These funny tweets about family holding grudges might make you feel a little better about your family's weird feuds.

funny tweets about the grudges kids and parents hold against each other | thumbnail text - todd dillard ... @toddedillard asked my 5-year-old what she wanted for dinner and she said "not a burned quesadilla" bc in the summer of 2019 I overcooked one side of her quesadilla 12:20 AM - Mar 4, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 47.3K Retweets 4,896 Quote Tweets 724.8K Likes
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