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Funniest Tweets About Social Media We Saw This Week (March 17 2021)

Social media has become integral to all of our lives, for better or for worse. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok- each of them has seemed to develop their own distinct personality as apps. People that use them approach the apps with different motives, whether it be to complain and rant online, or to brag about how hot they are via thirst trap pics. But the coolest thing about social media is that people can comment on your social media experience on social media platforms  - so meta!!! 

Naturally, Twitter is the best place to comment - and sometimes criticize - social media websites. Check out the best tweets about social media this week below. 

Funny tweets about social media | thumbnail text - Cassidy Rota @cassidyrota Doing social media for higher ed is 27% deleting sugar baby want ads from the Instagram comments 3:43 PM · Mar 15, 2021 from East Providence, RI · Twitter for iPhone
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