Facebook Fail


Guy Dresses Up As Facebook Users, Friend Requests Them, Hilarity Ensues

Have you ever typed your name into Facebook to see who else in the world shares it with you? Of course, you have. And you've also Googled yourself, haven't you? Don't worry; you're not alone. We all do it. But one guy did this, and more when he replicated his namesake's profile pictures and then sent them a friend request. The Redditor CasinoRoy pulled this hilarious stunt, leaving his victims confused, as anyone would be in that situation, getting reactions like "Who the hell are you?!" and "What the hell man?!" Check out these brilliant recreations.

guy reactants people's Facebook profile pictures and friend requests them - thumbnail picture of reenactment emo haircut facebook Search Home Profile Account 41 Add as Friend Info Create an Ad People who aren't friends with ersonally, add him as friend on Facebook se only some Send Message Report/Block this Person Share Stand up and be Costumed with largest selection costumes, accessories and more,
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