facebook post about the craziest things women discovered about their exes | thumbnail text -  He was gonna plan a visit to come see me

Women Reveal The Craziest Things They Found Out About Their Exes While They Were Dating

These stories are nuts
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twitter thread about creepy man | thumbnail text - Were at breakfast this morning thought JUN 03, 2019, 9:14 PM But wasn't sure

Man Creeps On Local Female Employees, Manager Does Nothing To Help

Be careful who you add on Facebook
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facebook post about dating dealbreakers | thumbnail text - What's your biggest deal breaker?

Women Reveal Their Biggest Dating Deal-Breakers

Sometimes we just know it's not right from the get-go
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facebook post about crazy things women did on dates | thumbnail text - This shady guy trying get drunk on first date worked! He leaned over kiss and vomited on his shirt my defense, he wouldn't let go tried excuse myself multiple times.

Women Reveal The Craziest Things They Did On Dates

Let's go a little haywire
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facebook post about the craziest insults exes have hurled at eachother | thumbnail text -

Women Reveal The Craziest Insults Their Exes Ever Hurled Their Way

Good thing these toxic relationships have come to an end
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facebook discussion about the most embarrassing things about women's exes | thumbnail text - Everywhere he went ... literally anywhere ... the fast food workers knew exactly what he was going to order! Even knew him by name! A burger? Mayo and cheese only. Nuggets? BBQ sauce. If we went to sit down to eat? They'd just bring him his food ... the same thing every. single. time. No adventure, no trying anything new. AND BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY - NO VEGGIES OF ANY KIND

Women Reveal The Most Embarrassing Things About Their Exes

We can't believe we even went out with these guys in the first place
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twitter thread facebook poke | thumbnail text - Crispilocks IWYCSMN Replying tinaqueen_15 Someone once poked they meant block. So thought cute at first like oh poke Emily. And then woke up and Emily didn't exist anymore. 11:09 AM Feb 5, 2022 Twitter Android

People Reminsce Over The Wild Era Of The Facebook Poke (Twitter Thread)

The Facebook poke era was a wild time
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twitter thread | thumbnail text - BOMBITOGARCIA BombitoG Replying ChadLanier and @CastlesWay Real s t especially people who always posting they baby after 's born like tryna see post baby everyday and l'm pretty sure if baby had enough intelligence they would tell happy but l'm not not either 2:50 PM Jan 12, 2022 Twitter iPhone

People Reveal Petty Reasons They Unfollowed Others On Social Media (Twitter Thread)

We don't wanna see it on our timelines anymore
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funny posts seen on moms facebook groups | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Inked_Chick 1 year ago A whole new level of jealously right there ANONYMOUS POST Can you post? Im losing my shit and need to know if I'm trippin! So my husband has a 6 yo daughter with his ex who happens to look like a mini version of the ex. We get the kid ever other weekend and my husband is always telling her how cute she is or how beautiful or pretty! Or commenting under pictures saying "my beautiful girl" or whatever! I

Weird And Messed Up Posts Seen On Facebook Groups For Moms

Facebook is a strange place
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Parents who have totally had enough of parenting for today | thumbnail text - "My kids went in the basement to play, about 10 minutes later, this happened." "Goat cheese and buttercream frosting look very similar when they've been stored in a Ziploc bag in your refrigerator. My kid is currently jumping off furniture"

Parents Who Have Had Enough Of Parenting For Today

Have kids they said, it will be fun, they said.
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funny posts from dads and grandpas who have no idea how to use Facebook | thumbnail text - shared a memory. 8 mins · O It turned out that I did have prostate cancer at that time. 5 Years Ago See Your Memories > April 21, 2014 . Apparently, I have an enlarged prostate. It probably isn't, but there is a possibility that it is cancerous. O Like Comment Share

Funniest Posts From Dads And Grandpas Who Have No Idea How To Use Facebook

Celebrating dads on Father's Day
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Funny tweets about social media | thumbnail text -  Cassidy Rota @cassidyrota Doing social media for higher ed is 27% deleting sugar baby want ads from the Instagram comments 3:43 PM · Mar 15, 2021 from East Providence, RI · Twitter for iPhone

Funniest Tweets About Social Media We Saw This Week

Calling all Insta thots!
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Facebook Is Now Called 'Meta' - Time To Call In The Roasters| Thumbnail Text - Product - OO Meta Brandy Jensen @BrandyLJensen this all happened because zuckerberg never meta girl until college 9:29 PM Oct 28, 2021 104.8K 496 Share this Tweet

Facebook Is Now Called 'Meta' - Time To Call In The Roasters

Because this is what Facebook needed to change...
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guest shames bridezilla online facebook crazy bride tattoo | Hey so with my wedding wanted ask if could please make sure tattoos are covered could maybe fix hair up so 's natural cover put lot work into our theme and sorry but look clashes with Even if just put some spray or something on hair night just want too all look perfect and can send some ideas nice long sleeve dresses wear or just wear jacket. If want can give asked her same thing and two could go shopping together number cause

Bridezilla Gets Roasted For Forcing Guest To Cover Tattoos And Dye Hair

Taking entitlement to another level
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dumbest things parents posted in Facebook groups | thumbnail text - Group post by Group Member • 13m My almost 3 year old ate almost a full bottle of tums (only about 11 left - so ate about 89 tums) before we caught her. We dont know what to do. We don't know how she even got them. Should we take her to emerge? Should we call poison control? I'm freaking out a little..

Dumbest Things People Posted In Parenting Facebook Groups

The wonderful world of Facebook
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Best Tweets Roasting The Instagram And Facebook Shutdown| thumbnail text - Derrick Johnson @DerrickNAACP Mark Zuckerberg should try unplugging Facebook and plugging it back in. 9:10 PM · Oct 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 204 Retweets 25 Quote Tweets

Best Tweets Roasting The Instagram And Facebook Shutdown

Oh Zucky Zuck
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