face mask

pictures of dad who went viral for matching his ties to his face masks every day

Dad Goes Viral For Matching Face Masks With Ties Each Day

Taking his protection seriously
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pictures of funny masks for anti-maskers - cover pic masks saying "this mask is USELESS" and "I'm being forced to wear this mask"

Appropriate Face-Masks For Anti-Maskers

Entrepreneurship at its best
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pictures of people wearing realistic face masks with faces on them

People Protecting Themselves With Realistic Face Masks

Finding humor during these times
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funny women tweets facemasks twitter female | Amanda Duberman @AmandaDuberman An added benefit wearing mask is men on street no longer tell smile 9:10 PM Apr 10, 2020 Twitter iPhone 108 Retweets 301 Likes

Funny Tweets From Women About Wearing Face Masks

"According to my scale, my face mask weighs about 7lbs"
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