People's 'If I Get Caught There's No Explanation' Stories

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation, where you had the horrible realization that if you got caught, you'd have absolutely no way to explain yourself out of it, even though you were innocent? Redditors are sharing their close call moments, and some of them were genuinely fortunate escapes. They say everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but what happens when the situation is just too weird to explain? Read on and find out!

people share their 'if I got caught there was no explanation' stories | thumbnail Text - meme-ikyu 41 points · 21 hours ago Brought a kitchen knife to Disney hidden in the liner of my backpack. Had previously put it in there to cut up fruit, and it somehow ended up getting stuck between the inner and outer layers of the bag. I never noticed until I was literally in the bag check line at Disney. Panicked for a while but no one noticed it.
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