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The Infamous Quarter Life Crisis Captured Perfectly In Tweets

The quarter-life crisis has become almost as notorious as the mid-life crisis. Once upon a time, you were hitting up wild nights out on the town, binge drinking, dancing your a** off, making out with some hot rando dude, stuffing your face with pizza, and going to class the next day like nothing happening. And then doing the whole thing again the night after. Alas, those nights are long gone.

Now you spend your days deciding what duvet best matches the color scheme of your wall, bragging about your air-fryer on Instagram, and wondering when exactly all your friends got hitched. That's right, bud. You've reached your quarter-life crisis! Isn't it wonderful? Twitter definitely seems to think so. Scroll down for hilarious tweets about hitting that quarter-life crisis. 

hitting the quarter life crisis | thumbnail text - Quarter life crisis haircut made me look even more like my mom hhhhhh
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