aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for stealing my friend's bike back from his ex? Not the A-hole My friend went through a nasty break up with his ex, who he caught cheating on him. Problem is, he left his bike and a few other expensive items over at her place. She refuses to give the bike back, as it costed like 10k and she put it for sale on ebay.

Man Goes Undercover To Steal Back Bike From Friend's Cheating Ex-Girlfriend

What an amazing friend
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people reveal their exe's fetishes which did absolutely nothing for them | thumbnail text - SilentHillNA 7 months ago Biting. Normally I am more than happy with that. But he would do so unexpectedly, no warning, and hard enough that it would bruise or break skin. Oh and he would do like a shark, shaking his head back and forth hard. And in usually the most sensitive places. That's takes the fun out of it and set me on edge so much that I couldn't get off because I was always ready for the next b

People Reveal Their Exes Fetishes Which Totally Turned Them Off

Being weirded out by your exes kinks
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Worst things said to men on first dates | thumbnail text - SaigonNoseBiter · 7h She said the words 'my ex' 37 times. Yes, I counted.

The Worst Things Women Have Said To Men On Dates

Major red flags
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askwomen thread | thumbnail text -  ParallelPerson8790 · 7h An ex asked me to stop saying sorry all the time. I'm sorry, but I'm Canadian and I cannot help it.

The Most Ridiculous Things Exes Have Asked Women To Change About Themselves

Guess the didn't get the memo that we're perfect just the way we are
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nice girls thread | thumbnail text -  Me and lot of fun because I could actually make him not depressed. I even replaced him pills with vitimin C once but he didn't even notice becsuse we were having too much fun for his depression to be there. I don't know if it's good for him to be with someone who drags him down mentally used to have a

Vengeful Ex Harasses Man's Current Girlfriend Via Text, Gets Roasted In Return

Let's toast to the roast
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What women wish they would have told their exes | thumbnail text - phoebelikescheese · 8h Your mother texted me and apologized that you don't know how to respect women.

Brutally Honest Things Women Wish They Would Have Said To Their Exes

I get texts from my exes when they want a second chance
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letters to my ex | thumbnail text -  Dear Abeer, I'm sorry that I bailed halfway through our date, but you spitting all over me every single time you spoke was a dealbreaker for me. Best of luck out there! Sammy TO THE GUYS I'VE Kinda DATED

Brutal Breakup Letters Of The Week That Left Us Cackling

To the guys who just weren't worth our time
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letters to my ex | thumbnail text - Dear Seth, When, after not telling me for 10 months that you still lived with your ex-wife, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and trusted you. I even introduced you to my kids. Seeing the venmo post from you to her for Good luck with your family. & was eye opening. Love, то THE Emily GUYS I'VE Kinda DATED

Funny, Brutal Breakup Letters To Exes That Were Shady AF

To all the shady boys we've loved before
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Funny twitter thread about ex requesting money on venmo | thumbnail text - Rather Odd Pursuits @OddPursuits Replying to @redditships My ex sent me a bill for $70,000 after he broke up with me for handyman services he had done around the house during the 3 years we lived together. 6:26 PM · Apr 1, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Twitter Reacts To Woman Who Venmo Requested Two Dollars From Ex For 'Wasting Her Time'

She should have requested more cash
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letters to my exes | thumbnail text -

Savage Breakup Letters We Find Hilarious And Inspiring At The Same Time

Time to end it once and for all
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Thread about girlfriend suspicious of boyfriend for giving female friend a ride | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/throwawayact8x 4 hours ago AITA for having my friends boyfriend give me a ride? Background: Me (25F) and Abby (28F) have been friends for about a year. We've known each other much longer through mutual friends but have only had a separate relationship for this past year. She is currently dating Sam (33M). Me and Sam dated briefly three years ago and it ended really bad

Girlfriend Outraged Over Her Man Giving Female Friend A Ride During Medical Emergency

So much drama over nothing
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letters to exes | thumbnail text - Dear Brett, I'm sorry for vomiting in front of you, but we split a bottle of Jack and you told me you still talk to your ex-girlfriend. So who's the one that really should be saying sorry. TO THE Adeline GUYS I'VE Kinda DATED

Women Write Letters To The Questionable Men They Dated

Blessed that it's over
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reddit thread about nice girls who aren't actually that nice | thumbnail text -  r/AskReddit - Posted by u/TheGame2526 17 hours ago Men what is your worst encounter with a "nice girl"?

Men Recall Moments In Which Women Did Them Dirty

'Nice' girls aren't as nice as you might think
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letters to exes | thumbnail text - the "love of your life"

Women Write Brutal Letters To Their Subpar Exes

We like texts from our exes when they want a second chance
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moments people knew their relationships were over | thumbnail text -  FREESHAVOCADO0 · 37m Relationship 1, when my other half said they'd always listen to their mother instead of me which meant we couldn't be in an adult relationship. Bye. Relationship 2, when the guy said he would always meet up with this girl he wanted to sleep with and there was nothing I could do about it. Oh, and he'd been stealing from his job, which I'd helped him get. Goodbye.

The Moments People Knew Their Relationships Were Definitely Over

So done
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Women Write Savage Letters To Their Disappointing Exes For Closure | thumbnail text - Dear ER Doc, Our real life Brady Bunch is the talk of the town. Everyone loves how cute and happy our blended family looks on social media. Learning that your "business" meeting last week was actually a date was so much fun. Wanted to let you know that soccer practice ends at 1:30pm on Tuesday. Hopefully you'll find a ride for your kids. All my best, Your retired babysitter TO THE GUYS I'VE Kinda DATED Dear Vic

Women Write Savage Letters To Their Disappointing Exes For Closure

And that, my friend, is what they call closure
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