Europeans Reveal The Different Ways They View Sex In Their Own Countries

Europe is a continent filled with a vast variety of cultures, languages, and laws. Often on this side of the world, we like to clump them into one big group, "European's have such good style," "European's are wine-oholics," "'European's are so sexual." But it's really impossible to talk about them all at once. Within Europe, there are some cities coined as fashion capitals, and some countries are actually very open when it comes to sexual exploration, but there are also catholic countries where you won't see a lot of sexual empowerment. Also, some countries have Muslim majorities where people don't drink alcohol at all.

The point of all of this is that it is fascinating to explore the many different perspectives of Europe and even compare them to what we have going on here in the US. On Reddit people from different European counties shared their 'sexual normalities,' and you might find the answers to be very titillating.

Europeans Reveal The Different Ways They View Sex In Their Own Countries| thumbnail text - Blaze_fox • 3y I dont get why the US is scared of nudity. Its almost like stereotypical victorian era folk. meanwhile, my boyfriend and i, not to mention our roommates hang out naked whenever we can. the US would freak out over this 78 ...
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