Dear Karen advice column, the advice column helping you get the privilege you're entitled to | thumbnail Text- Dear Mama Bear, Write a passionate letter to the CEO describing your ordeal with the unqualified employee, and detailing your integral role as a mother and a regular paying customer. Remember: 88 the CEO needs YOU for business, not the other way around! - Karen

'Dear Karen': The New Advice Column Dishing Out Entitlement On A Weekly Basis (January 11, 2021)

Your local neighborhood Karen
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Instagram influencer tries and fails to get free food at michelin star restaurant | As an owner have morals and integrities have follow return investment offer" is simply far too low cannot get free food just by being an online influencer | answer 05:45 AM racist term demand answer 06:45 AM

Influencer Tries And Fails To Get Free Food At A Michelin Star Restaurant

The entitled Karen's of Instagram
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reddit post about rich kids

AskReddit Users Share The Craziest Encounters Of 'Rich Kid Syndrome' And It's Maddening (22 Responses)

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