entitled parents


Entitled Parents Who Got Roasted Online For Their Awful Behavior

The internet is where entitled parents go to showcase how much better they think they are than everyone else. Isn't that fun? Seems like they're overcompensating for something, but we don't have to get into it... Rather let's just appreciate how entertaining it is to watch Karen's of parenting from all over the world throw hissy-fits over basic parenting responsibilities. These posts do a great job of showcasing just how petty they can be when it comes to raising their kids.

entitled parents get roasted online for their awful behavior | thumbnail text - aylor Lorenz O @TaylorLorenz Although horrific, I'm out of emotions to do anything but laugh at this point. My fiance and I just found out yesterday that my Imagine coming home with your future mother-in-law has made report card and ur parents do a arrangements to have her vows renewed at our destination wedding. On the same day. Two hours prior to our ceremony. At the same location. Because... wait for it.. she want
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