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Fans Dish Out Brutal Reviews On 'Emily In Paris' In Meme Form

Emily in Paris is the new Netflix show everyone is talking about. Think Sex and the City meets Devil Wears Prada, meets utterly ridiculous, and you're on the right track. The show sees American 20-something marketing assistant Emily (Lily Collins) stumble her way around Paris after landing a job at a French marketing company. She has no idea how to work social media (despite working in the biz); she falls in love with her downstairs neighbor (who is gorgeous, of course), and she seems to have more outfits than the rest of the cast put together. The show is full of fantastic fashion, eye-rolling French clichés, and unrealistic romantic interactions and has been getting mixed reviews. It's kind of like a car crash - you're scared to look because it's so bad, but you don't want to miss the opportunity to squirm either. It's terrible for you, but it's also addictive. So basically, the perfect way to kill a hangover Sunday on the couch. As one Twitter user put it, "Emily In Paris is the best Netflix show ever made, because it's so fucking awful that I can't stop watching it and I think that's exactly what they wanted." Here are some memes that depict just how bad fans think the show is.

Emily In Paris memes that prove people aren't a fan | thumbnail includes two memes Text - Sean Abrams @seanybrams The only Emily that deserves to be in Paris
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