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Historical Heartthrobs Who Deserve More Devoted Fangirls

This one is for all the history nerds out there! People don't exactly perceive history as sexy, but people tend to be wrong a lot of the time. We're here to set the record straight about that history can be hot when you're admiring certain historical figures. Forget your f*ckboy of the day,  and hop into our time machine. Who knew high school history class could be interesting?! Scroll down, and let us know which historical hotties we may have forgotten but you think are worth mentioning in the comments. 

The most attractive historical heartthrobs | thumbnail text - John F. Kennedy JFK is known as one of the sexiest presidents to ever grace the history of the USA. Kinda wishing I was the cigarette in his mouth right now, but I digress. He was a man of charisma and preppy style. His only character flaw? The infamous Kennedy curse. However, with those flawless looks, I might just risk the Kennedy curse to spend my life with him. Jackie O had the right idea. pe at Wi
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