twitter thread about clean drinking water | thumbnail text -  erika dangtheham Replying caitiedelaney my mind is convinced overnight layer dust has settled on surface water, so 's no longer potable. however, water water bottle hasn't been washed three months? well 's as clean as gets baby 8:30 AM Jan 11, 2022 Twitter Android

People Debate How Long They Can Leave Out A Glass Of Water Until It's Considered No Longer Drinkable (Twitter Thread)

Doing hydration right
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cocktails based on horoscope | thumbnail text - Cocktails

Creative Cocktails We're Indulging In This Week Based On Our Star Sign

We're getting lit tonight
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drinking memes | thumbnail text - STARTING MY FRUIT JUICE DIET BOTTOMS UP!

Drinking Memes To Pregame Your Night Out With This Weekend

Incoming hangovers
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Funny tweets about drunk texts | thumbnail text - Christian Gray Snow @christiansnoww ... me deleting the nudes I sent to people while I was drunk bi

Drunk Texts People Massively Regret Sending

Take my phone away from me
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Women reveal the worst things they did while drunk | thumbnail text - Disastrous_Author638 1 day ago Threw up ON my dog . She was white and I was drinking red wine.

Women Reveal The Worst Things They Did While Drunk

No regrets
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Trashiest weddings | thumbnail text - kinga_maria · 2y A co-worker of my mothers wedding was still the most terrible I've ever been to. The brother of the bride hated the groom and ended up pushing him down a flight of stairs. After that, a huge physical fight broke out between the two families. All the other guests (myself included) ended up leaving early because it got so violent and literal tables were being thrown and glasses were getting smashed. The couple got divorced shortly after. It wa

The Trashiest Weddings People Have Ever Been To

It's wedding szn
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Funny walk of shame tweets | thumbnail text - lina ... @leenski_32 Can't be a walk of shame if it's Pride Month 5:06 PM · Jun 2, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

'Walk Of Shame' Tweets Prove It's Nothing To Be Ashamed About

Nothing to be ashamed about
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Funny tweets about being hungover | thumbnail text - god gives the worst hangovers to his hottest warriors

Tweets Which Truly Capture The Nauseating Essence Of Hangovers

Never drinking again
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hangover tweets | thumnail text - the hype @TheHyyyype ... i love how 27-year-olds will go "bro, i've found the secret to avoiding hangovers. just drink a bunch of water before bed" like after almost 3 decades of existence you just discovered that the human body requires hydration 7:37 AM · Dec 1, 2021 · Twitter for Android

12 Hangover Tweets That Made Us Mull Over Our Life Choices

Too hungover to function
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funny memes about alcohol for anyone getting boozy tonight | thumbnail text - Why do people get so drunk when they go out with you? Because I'm a pusher. 0 push people. Me trying desperately to focus my eyes to type & send that perfect drunk text I know that l'll regret tomorrow

Alcohol Infused Memes For Anyone Getting Boozy Tonight

It's wine o'clock somewhere
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the typical guys women meet at bars | thumbnail text - Granted, this guy is cute and charming as f*ck. If you weren't already super jaded, you would actually believe you found your prince. Alas, you've been around the block one too many times, so you're more than aware that this bar is Player Charming's local pick-up-chicks playground. You give him your number anyway — I mean, how could you resist?

Eleven Types Of Guys Women Meet At Bars

Why a break from the bar scene might be a good thing
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drunk texts on twitter | thumbnail text - courtney @cmofosho At 2 am while drunk, I found a petition for McDonald's to bring back snack wraps and I sent it to 8 different people to sign.. 4:04 PM · Jun 27, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Golden Drunk Texts To Enjoy Over the Drunk Weekend

Drunk people have a lot to say
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Bartenders Disclose What Your Drink Order Tells Them About You As A Person| thumbnail text - FREAK_DOLPHIN_RAPE • 2y Vodka water with lime for the sorority girl who wants to cut calories, then drinks 8 of them and gets blackout pizza from the place next door. 498

Bartenders Disclose What Your Drink Order Tells Them About You As A Person

'Make it strong'
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cute cocktails | thumbnail text - Drink

The Cutest Little Cocktails Of The Week

Let's get sauced with these adorable beverages
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drinking game tweets | thumbnail text - chelsea slotin @chelsea_slotin New drinking game. Take sip every time boy walks bar wearing khaki shorts and navy blue shirt. 12:21 AM Jul 18, 2021 Twitter iPhone

Drinking Games To Usher In The Weekend Right

Chug, chug, chug
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drinking game tweets | thumbnail text -  Riv Reiter ... @RivReiter A concept: competitive chess drinking game. Every time your piece is taken, you take a shot. Will strategy disappear with sobriety? Or will the excruciating slowness of a pro game keep the drinks so spread out that they barely feel the liquor? 9:29 AM · Jul 14, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Crazy Innovative Drinking Game Ideas We Discovered On Twitter

Drink safely
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