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Wife Demands Husband Turn Down 'Dream Job' At Risk Of Her Career, Or She'll Divorce Him

A big part of marriage, and relationships in general, is being able to make compromises for the other person. The mutual love and respect you have for your partner is the glue that holds you together and helps you get through those tricky give-and-take moments in your relationship. But sometimes things aren't so straight forward, and it's not clear who should give and who should take. One woman posted on the popular AITA thread on Reddit, wondering if she was the a**hole for asking her husband to give up his dream job because it would risk her career. At first glance, you might think so, because whose job comes first; hers or his? But as she explains the situation, it becomes apparent that he was prepared to sabotage her very high-paying niche career for a job that paid less than half her salary, and that he applied for behind her back. Everyone jumped to her defense, explaining very clearly how she is not the a**hole and that she should proceed with divorce proceedings, as advised by her company. Read through her post and the comments below and decide for yourself who is in the wrong. Although it's pretty clear what the answer is.

wife demands husband turn down his dream job which will risk her entire career | Posted by u/ThrowRa67129ka90ma 5 days ago 3 8 14 2 23 4 10 8 AITA asking my husband turn down his dream job my career? Not hole going be vague privacy reasons, sorry 33F) am breadwinner our household have multiple, highly specialized degrees niche industry make 200k with potential get 600-M's range. My company has not been hit badly by COVID, so most us have kept our jobs, but held strict standards.
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