funny tweets from parents about their kids' artistic 'talents' | thumbnail text - James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn @XplodingUnicorn 4-year-old drew face Where are my ears? 4: Mom says never use them. 12:24 AM May 30, 2016 Twitter Web Client 1,509 Retweets 5,380 Likes

Funny Tweets From Parents Reviewing Their Kids' 'Art'

Honest, relatable reviews about kid's art
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funny memes of Jesus being a jerk | thumbnail picture of jesus with dentist text - Ticke, tickle, tickle! OMG Jesus stop!

Funny Sketches Of Jesus Being A Total Jerk

The darker, more annoying side to Jesus
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dad's drawings of puns on daughter's lunch bag | HAVE DECIDED ON GNOME YET? funny pun pregnant | OH NO GOING BE PLATE! OH FORK!

Dad Draws Jokes And Puns On Daughters’ Lunch Bags For Eight Years

It's the little things
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dad instagram son drawing real life art kids drawings | child's drawing of a cow and a 3D rendering of a real life cow in the shape of the drawn one | James Bond with a messed up face

Instagram Account Of Dad Turning Son's Drawings Into 'Real-Life'

Art with a little help from dad
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daughter parents replace photos prank family crayons Facebook drawing funny | wall of framed childrens drawings | people looking at a wall in surprise

Parents Don't Realize Daughter Replaced Family Photos With Crayon Drawings

One photo at a time for 11 days!
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celebrities animals cartoon comparison art drawing lookalike | Johnny Depp with glasses and a goatie beard drawn as a cat

Artist Reimagines Celebrities As Animals, With Striking Similarity

Angelina Jolie as a snake killed us
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drawing people 100 logos famous - 3569669

When 100 people Were Asked to draw 10 famous logos Based On Their Memory

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