AITA banned from boys' night | thumbnail text -  A r/AmItheAsshole - Posted by u/Accurate-Teaching988 17 hours ago AITA for not letting my female friend come to my boys night? My (24m) girlfriend (24f) and I made plans to host two separate events, where I would host a boys night and she

Female Friend Fuming After Being Banned From Boys' Night For Being A Woman

It's called boys' night for a reason
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10 Fascinating Facts About Sexual Fetishes| Thumbnail text - 5. The sensory perception for our feet is located directly adjacent to the sensory perception area for our genitalia - perfectly explaining the normalcy behind foot fetishism.

10 Fascinating Facts About Sexual Fetishes

We all have our secrets
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aita post  thumbnail text - AITA demanding my fiance pay back selling my train collection 28F) lived with my Aunt and Uncle as my parents could not raise My Uncle started collecting trains as hobby he working as an engineer took huge interest them as child and teenager. My Uncle gave his entire train collection he became sick.

Shady Man Steals And Sells His Fiance's Train Collection, Which Served As A Memorial To Her Late Uncle

A fiance that severely broke the trust in the relationship
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Hypocritical Boss Let’s His Wife Extend Her Maternity Leave, But No One Else| Thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/Throwawaypresoptc • 10h 1 9 8 2 & 1 1 1 û 1 1 e 2 A1 1 AITA for allowing my wife to extend her maternity leave at my company but not one of my other employees?

Hypocritical Boss Let’s His Wife Extend Her Maternity Leave, But No One Else

The hypocrisy is real
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aita post | thumbnail text -

Dramatic Bride Asks Sister-In-Law To Leave Wedding After Her Childhood Bully Made A Scene About Her Presence

Here comes more wedding drama
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Women Call Out Things They Really Wish Other Women Would Stop Doing| thumbnail text - carlwheezersgf · 9 hr. ago Putting down other women's hobbies or likes to get other people, especially men to see them as the "better" woman. Or putting down other women in general. Like let's just be friends

Women Call Out Things They Really Wish Other Women Would Stop Doing

Some things just get on our nerves
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AITA reddit thread | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/throaway_70812 6 hours ago AITA for telling my boyfriend's friends I'd rather not vacation with them and that they're gluttonous? I (23f) have been with my boyfriend (28m) for 4 years now. For context, these friends were friends with boyfriend for years before he met me. Over the years they have become my friends as well as we're all part of the same circle now (about 14 people.) For obvious reasons, I'm not as close with them a

Girlfriend Tells Off Boyfriend's Buddies For Being Too 'Gluttonous' On Couples Trip

So much drama
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nice girl reddit thread | thumbnail text -  I do not want to on the double date. And please don't try to set me up with anyone. And please don't give my number out to people who are strangers to me without my permission like you did with this girl. Thank you, have a good night.

Woman Freaks Out On Brother-In-Law For Asking Her Not To Give Out His Number Without Permission

'Nice girl' of the week
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AITA Reddit thread | thumbnail text - Posted by u/brotherwifeaita 8 hours ago AITA for not telling my brother me and his (now) wife used to be friends with benefits? Throwaway account because friends are on here. Me (23M) and my brother's (26M) wife (23F) have known each other long before they started dating. We met in freshman year of college and almost immediately became friends with benefits, this went on for about 3 years maybe every other day. We weren't compatible at all so we never dated,

Man Fuming After Discovering Wife Used To Be Friends With Benefits With His Brother

Family drama
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aita drama Awkward controlling friends dinner - 16201989

Control Freak Attempts To Order For The Whole Table, Deeply Offended When Someone Orders For Themselves

This man is a strange kind of control freak
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aita post | thmbnail text - Luggage & bags - My best friend and grew up poverty had not much opportunities an education young women our area, our options

Manipulative Woman Dumps Supportive Boyfriend After Becoming Lawyer Because She 'Deserves A Real Man' Who Isn't Working Class

We love a man who supports a significant other in all of her endeavors. In today's ‘Am I The A$$hole?’ post , OP shared the love story of her best friend and her now ex. When the best friend met her ex, she was working in retail, but he convinced her to go for her dream of becoming a lawyer, and even took on loans and extra shifts at his job to support her dream. When she finally got her degree, she ended up dumping him because she felt that as a new professional, she deserved a ‘real man’ who…
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA asking my friend not go his painting class since my girlfriend would be modeling? So my(20M) and girlfriend(21F) go college has decently sized art program not overly involved side things computer science major and my girlfriend is English literature major so she's right on edge art program.

Controlling Boyfriend Attempts To Stop His Girlfriend From Nude Modelling For His Friend's Art Class

There's a difference between nudes and nude modeling for an art class. One is sent for sexual purposes, whereas the other is for the sake of art. In today's ‘Am I The A$$hole?’ post , OP failed to understand the difference. He posted about being upset that his girlfriend was posing nude in a class that his friend, who is an art major, would be attending. He didn't feel comfortable with his homie seeing his GF nude, plus he knew that his friend usually hangs up his art after creating it, which m…
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vegan eats non-vegan food at dinner party | thumbnail text -  r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/myredditusername28 2 hours ago AITA for getting annoyed with my friends vegan boyfriend? On Sunday, my friend and her boyfriend came over for a roast dinner. (Roast Dinner for those outside the UK is beef, Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, veg and gravy.)

'Vegan' Eats Non-Vegan Dishes At Dinner Party After Host Cooks Meals Especially For Him

A shady vegan in our midst
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Wife Is Fed Up After Husband Constantly Wets The Bed And Forces Her To Clean It| Thumbnail Text - Rectangle - AITA for refusing to clean the bed and causing my husband to sleep on the floor? My f34 husband m32 has a medical condition (heart problems) and we sleep separately, he sleeps in the bedroom while I am on the couch.

Wife Is Fed Up After Husband Constantly Wets The Bed And Forces Her To Clean It

She Is Not A Maid Or Nurses Aid
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA (family) for telling my brother and SIL that their pregnancy announcement was trashy? My Family has a 21+ Adult Only Gift Exchange, volunteer only. If you sign up, you have to spend $20 on each person. We have a Google Doc with a list of things people would like, their sizes, and favourite snacks. You follow the list, you spend $20 per person, and we have the exchange after the kids go to sleep.

Expecting Couple Ruins Family Gift Exchange With Trashy Pregnancy Announcement

There's a time and place for special announcements, especially when that announcement gets in the way of something else. In today's ‘Am I The A$$hole?’ post, an expecting cople announced that the were having a bab at a famil gift change, bt this announcement came at the expense
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20 Of The Best Kardashian Family Memes| Thumbnail text - Face - When I saw Kim's sex tape, as a mother, I wanted to kill her. But as a her manager..

20 Of The Best Kardashian Family Memes

Keeping up with these memes
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