Funny, Brutal Letters Of Disappointment From Girls To Their “Exes” (November 19, 2020)

Ladies, have you ever been on a really sh*tty date with a man and wished you were home with your cat instead? Have you ever wasted your good years on a man who couldn't, and frankly wouldn't commit? Do you ever wish you hadn't swiped right to that guy on Tinder who ended up giving you the worst sex of your life? If the answer to any of those is yes, then check out the Instagram account To The Guys I've (Kinda) Dated, which allows women to get closure by writing open letters to the men (exes or almost exes) who have disappointed them in some way. We've teamed up with them to bring you a fresh collection of letters each week, naming and shaming the disappointing men out there. And who knows, they might even inspire you to write in one of your own!

funny letters of disappointment from women to the guys they've dated | thumbnail includes two letters - Text - Dear Matt, I had sex on a pool table with the guy I rebounded with. Then I had him sell it to you for your new house. That's what you get for hooking up with my best friend. All the best, TO THE GUYS Leanne I'VE Kinda DATED Text - Dearest Dustin, I was excited when you invited me over for a homemade dinner, but when I got to your apartment your power was shut off and you used your own c
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