Photographer Takes Pictures Of Famous Landmarks Facing The Wrong Direction

Whenever anyone visits a famous landmark, the first thing they do is take a picture of themselves standing in front of it or just of the site itself. Imagine how many pictures there are out there of the same places, from slightly different angles, but all showing the same thing. But what happens if you have a different perspective, and choose to do something a little, well... backward? Photographer Oliver Curtis decided to mix things up when he visited famous places and took his photos from the wrong direction. He wanted to "turn around, and see a new aspect of the over-photographed sites of the world - to gaze elsewhere and to favor the incidental over the monumental." His collection of pictures seeks to draw attention to the fact that "It is easy to forget that these attractions are also places of work, staffed by janitors, security guards, cleaners and office guards who have a lack of awe born from daily exposure. Yet, despite not being present, the images are still suffused with their aura."

Check out the incredible pictures below, and see how many you would recognize if the names weren't written in!

photographer takes pictures of famous landmarks facing the wrong direction - thumbnail includes two pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Paris and St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
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