aita post | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Upbeat_Fix_4061 9 hours ago $34 AITA telling my FIL he can starve if he wants because didn't care?

Sexist Father-In-Law Fuming After Daughter-In-Law Refuses To Serve Him At Buffet-Style Dinner

Gotta love when the crazy father-in-law comes over
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/notahip 19 hours ago 2 3 3 AITA for being annoyed my MIL ate my dinner?

Mother-In-Law Steals Pregnant Daughter-In-Law's Dinner, Claims She Should Have Cooked More If She Wanted To Eat

We don't know why, but it seems like the mother-in-law is always cast as the villain in the infamous ‘Am I the A$$hole?’ sub-reddit. Sure, there are a couple of crazy father-in-law stories, but crazy mother-in-law stories seem to take the cake. Generally, their sons also seem to be on their mothers' sides and go against their wives, but the silver lining in today's ‘Am I the A$$hole?’ post is that OP's husband actually takes her side and stands up to his mother in her honor. We think that coupl…
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aita post | thumbnail text - u/acc5323456 5 hours ago €23 Posted by AITA for kicking my husband's mom out after she threw out the dinner I cooked?

Mother-In-Law Throws Out Dinner That Daughter-In-Law Cooked, Gets Kicked Out As A Result

Another MIL that is off her rocker
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tik tok about anonymous dinner payment | thumbnail text - who's my secret admirer

Woman Thinks A Secret Admirer Paid For Dinner With The Girls, Turns Out It Was Just Her Friend's Boyfriend

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Inappropriate Waitress Won't Stop Hitting On A Woman's Boyfriend At Their Anniversary Dinner| thumbnail text - Posted by u/throw_02151651203201 15 hours ago AITA for getting a girl fired after she kept coming at my bf? nsfw

Inappropriate Waitress Won't Stop Hitting On A Woman's Boyfriend At Their Anniversary Dinner

Red flags at every intersection
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/BethanySinnet017 20 hours ago AITA embarassing" him and "ruining dinner" at his families house?

Boyfriend Fuming After Girlfriend Refuses To Eat His Unhygienic Family's Food That Has Dog Slobber All Over It

This family is the ultimate ick
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Man Brings Bell To Dinner-Date To 'Grab The Staffs Attention'| thumbnail text - Posted by u/Blain-Ad-5996 5 hours ago 3 7 AITA for cancelling dinner when my boyfriend brought a bell to the diner to "grab" II the staff's attention?

Man Brings Bell To Dinner-Date To 'Grab The Staffs Attention'

The audacity is real
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aita post | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/DifferentAwareness79 20 hours ago CO 6 AITA for wanting my husband to talk to me at my birthday dinner? Not the A-hole My husband (58M) and I (48F) went out to dinner at a cute little eatery for my birthday. We've been married 25 years and rarely eat out. He doesn't like spending the money for restaurant food. However my mother, who knows how much I

Narcissistic Husband Gives Wife The Silent Treatment At Her Birthday Dinner For No Reason

An emotionally abusive relationship on AITA
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aita post | thumbnail text -  AITA For Telling My Sister Why I Won't Eat Her Food? My (42F) sister (35F) has always prided herself on being a perfect housewife. She has two kids in middle school and stays home taking care of them and her five dogs. Her husband is the breadwinner of the family so she focuses on chores, cooking, child care, etc. The one thing my sister prides herself on the most is her cooking. She's always experimenting with new dishes and loves cooking for oth

Woman Freaks Out After Her Sister Calls Her Cooking 'Unhygenic' At Dinner

Drama at a dinner party
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nightmare family members at all holiday dinners | thumbnail image of woman stressed in kitchen Text - The 'Anxious Wreck' She has meticulously planned a list of conversation starters, icebreakers, and holiday games to ensure that everything runs smoothly. As the conversation gets heated, she heads to her room to pop a Xanax or two.

Nightmare Family Members At Every Holiday Dinner

The family members we all want to avoid
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aita drama Awkward controlling friends dinner - 16201989

Control Freak Attempts To Order For The Whole Table, Deeply Offended When Someone Orders For Themselves

This man is a strange kind of control freak
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vegan eats non-vegan food at dinner party | thumbnail text -  r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/myredditusername28 2 hours ago AITA for getting annoyed with my friends vegan boyfriend? On Sunday, my friend and her boyfriend came over for a roast dinner. (Roast Dinner for those outside the UK is beef, Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, veg and gravy.)

'Vegan' Eats Non-Vegan Dishes At Dinner Party After Host Cooks Meals Especially For Him

A shady vegan in our midst
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Toxic Family Invites Son’s GF To Dinner Just So She Can Pay The Bill| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/Footingbills321 · 21h G1 &1 3 19 2 12 e9 AITA for only paying for myself when my fiance and future inlaws invited me to a NYE dinner at a scale restaurant?

Toxic Family Invites Son’s GF To Dinner Just So She Can Pay The Bill

One way to lose a girlfriend
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Man Purposefully Embarrasses GF At Fancy Restaurant By Eating Like A Child| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/aileeliz • 13h · Asshole Enthusiast [7] 1 1 1 20 1 S 10 2 4 AITA for insisting my boyfriend eat respectfully at a nice restaurant?

Man Purposefully Embarrasses GF At Fancy Restaurant By Eating Like A Child

The audacity of some people
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christmas dinner twitter thread | thumbnail text - burning red r @isahbs Replying to @danadonnelly was i the only one that didn't see this as "trolling her kids"? if anything she's trying to make the kids more comfortable making sure they can smoke in peace and nobody will complain about the smell or be annoying towards the kids, your mom is a queen 7:01 PM · Dec 15, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Mom Asks Christmas Dinner Guests If They're Sensitive To Smoke Smells So Her Daughters Could Get Blazed In Peace (Twitter Thread)

She's a cool mom, not a regular mom
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aita post | thmbnail text -  AITA for embarrassing my friend's obese boyfriend by making him sit on a chair different from everyone else's at dinner? This happened a few weeks ago. I invited my friends to dinner at my house to celebrate moving into my new house, and my friend Katie asked if she could bring her new boyfriend Dale so our friend group can finally meet him in person. I said yes.

Woman Fuming After Her Obese Boyfriend Is Asked To Switch Chairs At Dinner Party

Dinner parties are so dramatic
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