Five-Year-Old Raises $150 To Convince Her Parents To Change Her Name

When we're young we are basically testing our parents to see how much we can get away with. How late can I push my bedtime? Will my parents actually check my homework every single day? If I just ask for a toy enough times will it appear out of nowhere?

Another common question is, "Can I change my name?" It's a phase that a lot of children go through as they struggle to find independence in their highly constrained world. But what if it's more than just a phase? A 5-year-old girl named 'Charlie,' showed a lot of determination when requesting to change her name to 'Charlotte.' Her mother, Bri, made a Tiktok about it, and it quickly went viral.

5 Year Old Raises $150 To Convince Her Parents To Change Her Name| thumnail text - Charlotte So, my girl has $150 to change her name from Dear mommy a n o aVer IliKe iTah me up onil's pr IDon'is charle I don't like Charlie, Charlotte is my passion, Love, Charlie Charlie to Charlotte, she had my dad make her a backpack, that says Charlotte on it
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