Childfree Woman With Demanding Job Upset At Moms For Claiming Monopoly On Tiredness

We all have that one friend who just cannot stop 'sneak-bragging' about how overwhelmed they are, how they just barely have enough time to eat or sleep or exercise. Yet it seems as though they really make the time to tell you all of this, literally every single day. And of course, they never ask you about your life and your duties, because they're so cute and little compared to hers. You couldn't possibly understand what it's like to be tired! Why is it always a competition of who is busier? I know this must be making you think of somebody.

Before we get into this aggravating 'Am I The A-hole' post, if you feel pissed off already and want to scream, feel free to let it all out.

childfree woman with demanding job upset at friends who claim monopoly on tiredness | thumbnail text - AITA for saying people without kids can also get tired? Not the A-hole This is probably really stupid. I really don't think I'm the AH here but my friends are split..unsurprisingly pretty evenly along lines of who has kids and who doesn't. Basically I (34f) have a really demanding job. I work long hours, never really get to turn off, and have a crap contract which means unemployment is always l
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