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Twelve images that might expose your dirty mind| thumbnail text - nicole boyce @nicolewboyce I love that the friends reunion is a science experiment in how 6 very rich people approach plastic surgery 9:47 PM · May 29, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 708 Retweets 55 Quote Tweets 19.3K Likes

More Tweets Proving We Were Not Psychologically Prepared For The 'Friends' Reunion

Therapists must be getting a lot of business this week
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ross and rachel from friends reportedly dating IRL | thumbnail text -JENNIFER ANISTON ... @JenAnistonBabe Rachel laughed at Ross that they met, he flirted and then BAM! 9 years later, he had her, but in reality, Jennifer and David met, flirted and then BAM! 27 years later, they have each other mets Inever really had anything to worry about, Ross was never very good at the flirting thing. What, wha. What are you talking about? Souete Ohh, you know what, no, you're right! We met, you flirted, and

Rumor Has It That Ross And Rachel Are Together IRL And We're Losing Our Minds

The break might really be over
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'Friends' Reunion Causes Ross-Rachel Meltdown Tweets After True Romance Is Revealed| thumbnail text - >> Izzy @tmlinson13 how do people expect me to be fine after today when I'll be forever carrying the knowledge of David and Jennifer were crushing on each other and reflecting that energy into Ross and Rachel? #FriendsReunion

'Friends' Reunion Causes Ross-Rachel Meltdown Tweets After True Romance Is Revealed

Could've gone our whole lives without knowing this
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