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This Week's Batch Of Funny Dating Memes

Dating should be considered an extreme sport
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Funniest Dating Memes We Saw This Week (March 8, 2022)| Thumbnail text - waiting for my partner to apologize for the fight i started ig: realpettymayo

Funniest Dating Memes We Saw This Week (March 8, 2022)

Thank the lord that V-Day is long behind us
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heartbreakingly relatable dating memes | thumbnail text - When your Tinder standards are already pretty low, but you still don't get any matches. I can go lower, K.W. TM @Beard_KW Ladies 's last time guy opened car door fishscale lyssa @_damnhoe got arrested

Heartbreakingly Relatable Dating Memes About The 'Joys' Of Being Single

Reminding you of your singlehood
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relatable dating memes | thumbnail text - When you find someone who likes the same weird sh*t you do Sara K. Runnels ... @omgskr Making this under-construction sign my new Tinder bio Sorry about the mess, it'll be so worth it. flysE @fly

Relatable Dating Memes Which Accurately Depict The Weird World Of Love

Fall in love they said. It will be great they said
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13 Cringe Pick-Up Lines That Actually Worked On People| Thumbnail Text - Horse - Hey girl are you a horse? Cause I want to ride you into battle

13 Cringe Pick-Up Lines That Actually Worked On People

Funny and charming without crossing the line
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dating app tweets | thumbnail text - jo (and also the cat) @jojipaints ... Matched with this guy on a dating app who said he's bilingual. I asked him what other language he speaks and he replied, "Sarcasm." Gonna go drink about it. 4:37 PM · Sep 19, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

This Week's Batch Of Funny Dating App Tweets

Dating apps are not for the weak
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relatable dating memes that will break your heart | thumbnail text - We just matched on Tinder So that means you will respond, right? Right? Dating sites be like: We've found your soulmate! Upgrade to message him! 12

Painfully Accurate Dating Memes That Will Break Your Heart

Relatable dating memes that hurt every time
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Women's Memes For Women Only, Because Men Just Don't Understand | thumbnail text - All I spend money on is food and clothes but I'm still hungry and can't find anything to wear When you block him while he's still typing

Women's Memes For Women Only, Because Men Just Don't Understand

memes memes memes
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A fresh batch of women's memes which men won't understand | thumbnail text - my period watching me make plans knowing damn well it's gonna come and ruin them

A Fresh Batch Of Memes For Women Only

Men won't understand
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funny dating memes | thumbnail Text - Wonderstruck @metickleu I choose my underwear for the day based on how likely I am to have sex. Today I'm wearing a used grocery bag I found floating across the highway.

More Dating Memes Which Are All Too Relatable

Whether you're single, or ready to mingle
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funny relatable relationship memes | thumbnail includes two memes - Text - *telling a story to gf* her: you never told me that before me: i thought i did? her: must've been your other girlfriend

Dating Memes We Can All Relate To

For those in relationship and those who are single
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dating memes you can all relate to - thumbnail includes two memes | send her risky text and see ten minutes If anyone asks where am left country | stalking someone and accidentally like photo 94 weeks ago

Relatable Dating Memes For Singles And Those In Relationships

Dating memes we can all relate to
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memes for women - cover pic tweet "you ever been 2 second from a psychotic break because you can't get a necklace hooked"

Some More Memes For The Ladies

It's a girl thang
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dating memes that are depressingly relatable if you're single - cover pictures meme about couple blocking each other and reentering the dating pool | Thoughts? Kenny @adzmalone Enjoy block each other one day | reentering dating pool dog falling into a swimming pool

Depressingly Relatable Dating Memes

If you're single...
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Happy Valentine's Day

Funny meme about getting friend zoned on Valentine's Day with lord of the rings characters Legolas and Gimli | never thought i'd spend this valentine's day side by side with a girlfriend. my crush: what about side by side with a friend?
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memes and jokes about dating and relationships

16 Relationship Memes That Will Have You LOL

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