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Juiciest Tweets Roasting Every Moment Of The 2021 Oscars

Award shows are always unpredictable, but now that the world is completely flipped upside down, there's an additional fun layer of 'What the hell is going on?' at every televised event. Still, for many of us, it's an evening we can all take to pretend things are almost back to normal, and find comfort in all of the mishaps and uncomfortable speeches that consistently take place. This year there were no falls on the red carpet, or awards that had to be revoked. But there were definitely a lot of other things to comment on. Twitter thankfully covered all the bases very quickly.

Juiciest Tweets Roasting Every Moment Of The 2021 Oscars| Thumbnail text - - Face - Dave Itzkoff ... @ditzkoff Incredible that we get to see the real-time reaction from Daniel Kaluuya's mother as he talks about his parents having sex
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