Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Girly Things Men Secretly Love| thumbnail text - TheHunterZolomon 16 days ago A 3 23 3 2 2 4 I sleep with stuffed animals. I'm a grown man. I do not care. 2.1k Reply Give Award Share Report Save

Fifteen Girly Things Men Secretly Love

Girly does not mean for girls only
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Tumblr Comments Which Were Even Funnier Than The Original Post| thumbnail text -  ewaneneollav Follow dark ouside huh? :) thats because its winter now. & if you listen i can tell you more. about this world bakwaaas Follow this is how men speak to women

Tumblr Comments That Were Even Funnier Than What They Were Commenting On

Something about a clever and timely clap-back is so funny
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Teeny-Tiny Things That Guys Find Really Attractive About Women| thumbnail text - Electric_kundalini • 3h When they put a hand on their hip to accentuate their curves. I don't know why but I think it's cute as fuck.

Teeny-Tiny Things That Guys Find Really Attractive About Women

It's always the little things
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Nonsexual Things That Get People Feeling Hot And Heavy Regardless| thumbnail text - BoringOat · 14h · edited 14h Driving. He doesn't understand when I tell him he's hot af when he's all focused on the road and doing all these maneuvers. Damn. Vote Reply Share

Nonsexual Things That Get People Feeling Hot And Heavy Regardless

Two words: Happy Trail
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13 Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With Australians And Their Culture| thumbnail text - Scooter - Amaz... · Nov 23, 2020 •.. I love when bad things happen to Australians and they're like "ooouuurrrrh noeeerrrrurrr" 1

Thirteen Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With Australians And Their Culture

We STAN almost everything, just not Vegemite
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Twitter Thread Reveals The Eleven Signs Of A Healthy Relationship| thumbnail text - We're Not Really Strangers @wnrs... · Mar 9 Replying to @wnrstweets 1. Their feelings for you are clear. There's nothing to decode or google •.. ♡ 11 27 760 16.5K

Twitter Thread Reveals The Eleven Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

It's good to know somebody has an idea.
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Funny Tweets About Being So Bisexual It Hurts| thumbnail text - Hair - lou/aly@ @mainthings.. · Feb 6 i love how all 3 of my bisexual awakenings give off the same energy

Funny Tweets About Being So Bisexual It Hurts

These people really know how to have a good time on Twitter
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Woman Reveals How A Dirty Joke Gone Wrong Secured Her A Husband| Thumbnail text - - Relationship Advice Dating Advice Dating and Relationships / What was the weirdest way you started a relationship? 2 Answer a Follow · 24 8 Request 00

Woman Reveals How A Dirty Joke Gone Wrong Secured Her A Husband

A foul mouth isn't always a bad thing
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funny made up words and phrases used only by your family members

People Reveal Words Their Families Completely Made Up

At some point it stops being gibberish
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The Time I had a First Date on Valentine’s Day with the Guy’s Parents| thumbnail text - "Barb and Maury were grinding up on each other like a couple of teenagers. It would have been sweet if they didn't keep glancing over at me."

First Date On Valentine’s Day Ends Up As An Awkward Double Date With Guy’s Parents

Romance at its peak
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Spoiling Myself With A Vibrator For Valentines Day| Thumbnail text - This is just a PSA: If you have p*ssy hair, MOVE IT OUT OF THE WAY.

Treating the V for V-Day: Woman's Unfiltered Experience With Sweet Treat

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!
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heartwarming pictures of dads embracing fatherhood - thumbnail includes pictures of dads with kids Text - "you got me in the palm of your hand", "did someone say BEAST MODE?"

Heartwarming Pictures Of Dads Who Can't Get Enough Of Fatherhood

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heartwarming stories of how people met their partners | thumbnail Text - Cheryl Strayed @CherylStrayed 9/24/95: I was broke so I sold my things at a friend's yard sale. A handsome man rode up on a bicycle and bought a pencil sharpener in the shape of an airplane from me. We flirted. He invited me to join him and his friend for dinner that night. I did. His friend is my husband. Jennifer Williams @jreganwilliams Sep 6 I may have asked this before but how did you meet your partner? I

Heartwarming Twitter Thread Of How People Met Their Partners

Love finds us in the most mysterious ways
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pictures of plant pots with plant puns - cover pic pot with "plants are my soil mates" written on | pearls of wisdom you grow girl world's okay-est plant parent yes another new plant please don't die i beleaf in you

Cute Plant Pots With Plant-Related Puns

"You're blooming marvelous"
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people share their "anyways now we're married stories" - cover pic meeting in church | shaka sulu 2.2k points 5 hours ago know moment at church pastor says "now stand up and say hi someone never met Anyways married now.

People's "Anyways, Now We're Married" Stories

Giving us all the feels
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pictures of babies faces while pooping

A Collection Of Funny Baby Pooping Faces

We feel their struggle
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