Female Artist Of The Week: Interview With 'Tall N Curly', The Cartoonist Who Stands Out

Our "Female Artist of the Week" feature serves to draw attention to female content creators who are shaking up the world and making a difference with their art. We're all about women supporting women and providing a platform to showcase the incredible female talent out there. This week, we were lucky to grab some time with Tall N Curly, the 6 feet tall cartoonist and blogger with extremely curly hair. Her comics are all about the daily struggles of a tall girl living with curly hair and she aims to promote the message of self-acceptance, love, and body confidence, no matter what you look like, or how much you stand out from the crowd. Tall N Curly (who prefers to keep her identity anonymous), opened up to us about why she started her blog and the positive impacts she hopes and believes her cartoons are making.

Female Artist Of The Week Interview With 'Tall N Curly' The Cartoonist Who Stands Out - cover pic cartoons about being tall and having curly hair | Tall Girl's life TALLNCURLY.COM do mean 6 can't be 6 6'2! etallncurlyl | look so much better with hair straight look so much better with pretty face. TALLNCURLY.CoM NOYING JE GIRL WITH RLY HAIR TAUL .com talln
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