People Reveal What Instantly Killed Their Crush On Someone

The concept of attraction is a weird one; you can't necessarily control what you're into, especially when it's not exactly... conventional. Whatever you're into, this is a safe space, and we (mostly) don't judge. You do you, boo. But attraction is like a switch; as quickly as someone can turn you on, they can do something that instantly turns you off. And once you get the ick, there's no going back. Redditers shared the things that instantly killed the crush they had on someone, and after reading these horror stories, it's pretty clear why. From seeing someone pick their nose to bumping into them at a family reunion (yikes!), there's no going back. The flame of passion has been extinguished forever.

people share the things that killed their crush on someone | thumbnail text - "He picked his nose and wiped it on a door handle. People were watching"
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