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Cringy Things Brides And Grooms Have Done At Weddings

For the most part, weddings are beautiful occasions, remembered for all the right reasons. But sometimes, newlyweds can be so horrendously awful that "till death do us part" has the guests wondering if that refers to them as well. An AskReddit thread asking people to share their stories of the cringiest things they've seen a bride and groom do for their wedding has revealed some truly socking tales, making us wonder if true love isn't just a front for 'pure psycho'. We'll let you be the judge of that; scroll through and watch your mouth drop to the floor!

Cringy Things Brides And Grooms Have Done At Their Weddings Cover Photo Example Of Bad Wedding | toxictribe 33.1k points 17 hours ago Bride shows up almost 2 hours late her own wedding. Southern California an open field no water no shade. She shows up and wants get married her yoga outfit groom shut down and she refused change her clothes groom decided leave her looking stupid and they never got married.
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