work hacks tweets | thumbnail text -  Ken Childs TheKenChilds Replying TheOtherBBC @rakeshsatyal and @laurenfaber Sometimes on Fridays put meetings on my calendar 12 onward make sure nobody tries book anything on Friday afternoon Because don't do meetings after 3 on regular weekdays or anything after 12 on Friday. Because 's just luancy. 3:20 AM Jan 13, 2022 TweetDeck

People Reveal Original Ways To Get Out Of Doing Things We Don't Want To Do At Work (Twitter Thread)

Sometimes, we simply can not function during a workday . In layman's terms, we literally can't even. Because we're still expected to act like adults , we need to come up with good excuses to get out of things when we literally can't even. Twitter user @ rakeshsatyal tweeted about how we need to normalize replying with “what” to emails when we don't know what's flying, and we wholeheartedly agree. People contributed to the thread with their two cents regarding getting out of work or putting off…
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Delusion Woman Tells Co-Worker It's Time To Remove His Wedding Ring Since His Wife Passed| thumbnail text - Posted by u/Ideal-Mind3099 7 days ago (2 o 3 5 36 2 3 AITA for telling my new co worker it was misleading of him to be wearing his wedding band when he's a widower?

Delusion Woman Tells Co-Worker It's Time To Remove His Wedding Ring Since His Wife Passed

The worst flirting tactic we've ever seen
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aita drama Professional At Work work coworkers widow - 16051973

Insensitive Woman Accuses Coworker Of Misleading Women Because He's A Widower Who Still Wears His Wedding Ring

Completely clueless behavior
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dumbest questions people have been asked at work | thumbnail text -  evolstreak · 9h "Is this where you watch movies?" I work at a movie theater.

The Dumbest Things People Have Ever Been Asked At Work

People need to go back to school asap
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for giving my coworker a fantasy novel for Secret Santa to try to broaden her horizons? For Secret Santa I got Sara, who put down a bunch of books that she wanted as well as other things like socks, tea, and candy. I was a little disappointed to be honest, because I really like to shop for people and give really cool gifts and these were just blah things.

Woman Ignores Coworker's Wish List For Secret Santa, Buys Gift Based On Her Own Preferences To 'Broaden Coworker's Horizons'

All we want for Christmas is whatever is on the wish list
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tweets work stupid overheard lol funny twitter workplace coworkers | man angry at a laptop. tweet by DianneValiando Overheard office Well s time open up my e-mail and see who's going piss off today

Ridiculous Things People Have Overheard At Work

20 of the dumbest things people have overheard their coworkers say
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funny workplace tweets that remind us why we would prefer to be unemployed | thumbnail text - aurazepam @andlikelaura my favorite part about having a job is being too busy to eat during the day and then eating 5000 calories when i get home Humorous Resources HUMOROUS @HumorousResour1 That two hour meeting I just sat through was almost as productive single, well-written email. That no one would of read anyway.

Funny Workplace Tweets For When You Wish You Were Unemployed Instead

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memes you'll relate to if you hate your job more than life itself | thumbnail text - Companies: Our employees are just fine. Employees: Actual footage of me making friends at work... 1599 Isn't it nice we hate the same things?

Memes For People Whose Boss Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Them

Not everyone loves their job
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Things women do that make men uncomfortable | thumbnail text - Mycroft_Cadburry · 3h Women who say "all men are trash."

Things Women Do That Unintentionally Make Men Uncomfortable

Who knew
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nice girl post | thumbnail text - -too-hot-to-handle- · 2d She's in her mid-thirties, you're only eighteen, and the truck thing gives "I want you to owe me" vibes. It sounds like she's trying to take advantage of you. There's no reason she can't be interested in people her own age, and it's really disturbing that she's going after a barely legal teen instead. Can you report her?

Unhinged Woman Attempts To Hold Hands With Her Barely Legal Coworker After One Conversation

This isn't right
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People Reveal The Elaborate Scams They Pulled Off At Work | thumbnail text - Hustle Minhaj (Rohit) ... @rohshah07 Guys, what's a random scam you pulled off at work? A client once found our 30 page report too long. So I reduced the font size by 2 points and the report was 22 pages. He saw it and was like "guys this is fantastic" 5:54 PM · Jun 9, 2021 · Twitter Web App 631 Retweets 116 Quote Tweets 7,060 Likes

People Reveal The Elaborate Scams They Pulled Off At Work

Work smarter, not harder
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people who caught coworkers in compromising positions  - cover pic story about working at wendys and catching manager and coworker having sex | Abigail Petersen, former Drive Thru at Wendy's (2013-2015) Answered August 6 worked at Wendy's younger sent walk- freezer get more fries and opened door find manager banging co-worker just grabbed fries near door and walked out without saying word co-worker made shift manager few weeks later. Neither them acknowledged and basically ignored after If

People Who Caught Their Co-Workers In Compromising Positions

Well, this is awkward
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woman refuses to wear bra at work, coworkers complain and she wants to know if she's wrong | thumbnail text

Woman Refuses To Wear Bra At Work Despite Coworkers Complaints

When dress code meets free the nip
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People Who Got Caught Doing The Dirty At Work, And What Consequences Followed| thumbnail text - jpfarrow • 17h Back in 2010, my high school basketball coach got caught having sex with a very pregnant teacher in the hospitality room of the school. I mean very pregnant lol, and both of them were married. Very sad... haha G Reply 1 4.8k 3 ...

People Who Got Caught Doing The Dirty At Work, And What Consequences Followed

One of the worst places to get busted
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wife fuming after husband sells the sandwiches she made him to his coworkers to buy fast food | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Danny109 3 days ago AITA For no longer making my husband sandwiches to take to work after discovering he was selling them? Not the A-hole My F33 husband M37 works at an advertising company. We're struggling a bit financially because we're saving up to purchase a new aprtment. He is used to eating fast food and it was costly. He had no problem spending money daily on fast f

Wife Fuming After Catching Husband Selling Her Sandwiches To Buy Fast Food For Lunch

Profiting off his wife's hard work
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woman fuming after coworker uses her sonogram to prank ex bf into thinking she's pregnant | thumbnail text - Posted by u/EffectiveLong3 4 days ago AITA for getting upset with one of my coworkers who used my sonogram to 'fool' her exboyfriend into thinking she was pregnant? Not the A-hole Hello everyone. I am 27F. My husband and I found out two months ago we are expecting our first child. Last week, we officially announced it via text and phone calls to our friends and family. The next day at wor

Woman Fuming After Coworker Steals Her Sonogram For Pregnancy Prank Against Ex BF

The thin line between pranks and total psycho
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