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Woman Reported By Coworker For Eating 'Sexy Potatoes' At Work

Anyone who has worked in an office is familiar with the situation of being forced to deal with a crazy coworker. If you can't think of anyone in your office... I have some unfortunate news for you.

No, but seriously, there's always going to be someone that you don't mesh with but you are forced to deal with them anyway. That's just life in general. However, this situation, shared by Reddit user u/SuccessfulPeace292, seemed a little more obscure than usual. She was literally reported to HR by her 'Karen' coworker for eating 'sexy potatoes.' If that prompt doesn't make you insist on getting more details, I don't know what will.

Woman Reported By Coworker For Eating 'Sexy Potatoes' At Work| thumbnail text - AITA for eating sexy potatoes? It honestly feels ridiculous that I have to post this but my coworker has been getting onto me about this for weeks now, so I have to ask.
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