Marriage Counselors Reveal Stupidest Reasons Couples Made Appointments

Although there is still some stigma around seeing a marriage counselor with your partner, if things aren't going so well in the relationship, thankfully, this idea is slowly changing. Marriage counseling is becoming normalized, with more and more couples seeking the help of a therapist to assist them in navigating troubles in their marriages. Because let's be honest, marriage isn't always easy and sometimes, we need all the help we can get. But some couples see marriage counselors for the strangest reasons, and now, we have the lowdown from therapists themselves. A Reddit thread asked marriage counselors for the stupidest reason a couple has made an appointment, and the answers prove how some relationships were doomed to fail from the start.

stories from marriage counselors of stupidest reasons couples made appointments - cover pic story about pimp and sex worker having relationship issues | holtsm7 13.8k points 4 days ago edited 3 days ago pimp and one his sex workers scheduled session see because they were having jealousy issues. They were legally married and he unhappy with she couldn't "leave work at work Best. Couple. Ever.
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