twitter thread about keeping daughters from going to college | thumbnail text - Aubry Andrews @AubryAndrews today's episode women are just property lose value moment they are driven off lot. 222

Delusional Man Claims He Won't Let His Future Daughters Go To College Because They'll Lose Their Value

Another day of delusions
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/DoggoMagnus 14 hours ago 23 AITA removing lock on our bathroom door

Psycho Husband Locks Bathroom At Night So Pregnant Wife Can't Pee And Unintentionally Wake Him Up

Very controlling behavior
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aita post | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole. Posted by u/the54756 18 hours ago 5 4 342 AITA locking door prevent my husband getting involved my job interview?

Woman Locks Her Controlling Husband Out During Job Interview After He Keeps Sabotaging Her Chances At A Job

Major red flag
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aita post | thumbnail text -

Controlling Husband Flips Out During Wife's Job Interview Because She Didn't Run His Hot Bath In Time

Another pyscho hubby
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aita post | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/wtfthesehighheels4 11 hours ago 22 23 334 AITA for embarrasaing my fiancè and taking my heels off at our engagement party?

Controlling Man Forces Fiance To Wear High Heels At Their Engagement Party, Flips Out When She Takes Them Off

Girl needs to get out before it's too late
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Dontstealmypassport 7 hours ago 2 3 @2 3 3 AITA for ransacking my boyfriend's apartment?

Controlling Boyfriend Hides Passport From Girlfriend Right Before Her Flight

Girl needs to run
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man demands woman choose him after matching on a dating app | thumbnail text - So will say if 's then 's only. If want freedom talk others are same time and have all exploratory chats won't be And l'll make decision tomorrow, but need go now.

Possessive Creep Demands Woman Speak To Him And Him Only After Matching On A Dating App

Thank goodness she didn't actually go out with him
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Overbearing Parents Lose It After Adult Daughter Decides To Move In With Fiancé| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/Terrible-Respect-811 · 17h 2 AITA for moving out of my parents house?? So l'm (21F) buying my first home with my fiancé (22M) later this month. My parents are not happy at ALL. They absolutely hate the idea of it. They don't want me to move out. They claim I agreed to live with them until I graduated nursing school next year, when i never agreed to anything. We have also been activ

Overbearing Parents Lose It After Adult Daughter Decides To Move In With Fiancé

Deep breaths people, deep breaths
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA telling my boyfriend take back car he surprised with? Using my new throwaway account just case. Okay 26f) my BF (33m) surprised with brand new car about month ago super happy and very appreciative. My old car working fine but outdated but never complained about and my bf never really argue but these last few days have been bad.

Controlling Boyfriend Buys Girlfriend New Car To Use It As Leverage In Arguments

Toxic behavior
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woman bans sister from wearing makeup to her wedding, sister suspects controlling fiancé | thumbnail text -  Posted by u/DCW_92 2 days ago AITA for insisting I wear makeup at my sisters wedding? Not the A-hole My sister is getting married this July, family only affair at a family house due to COVID. I offered last month to book a hair and make up artist to do her, my and our mothers hair and make up on the day. She told me a few weeks ago she doesn't want to wear make up which didn't surprise me

Bride Bans Sister From Wearing Makeup To Her Wedding, Controlling Fiancé Suspected

Bridezilla alert
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aita drama Awkward controlling friends dinner - 16201989

Control Freak Attempts To Order For The Whole Table, Deeply Offended When Someone Orders For Themselves

This man is a strange kind of control freak
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA yelling at my husband throwing out all my diet food 29F) struggled with weight my entire life weighed over 200 graduated high school and went up during college did not grow up best family life, my parents worked crazy hours and only food they could feed my

Controlling Husband Throws Out Wife's Diet Food Because He Doesn't Like It, Claims She's Wasting Money

He threw out perfectly good food but had the audacity to claim she's the one wasting money
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/S-Ad3531 1 day ago 29213 S 23 AITA For refusing to stop having girls night ins just because my boyfriend thinks it's wrong? Not the A-hole [Throwaway because he has myet main accounts password] Hi so I've been seeing this guy "will" 27M for months now. He's so sweet and funny and creative. Fun fact: he drives 2 cars that he adjusted/fixed on his own. We don't live together but we do meet at my place every weekend. He called and asked what we will be doing

Controlling Man Calls Girlfriend 'Sexist' Because She Wants To Host A Girls' Night In

If he messes with girls' night, he's cancelled
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Delusional Woman Chastises Young Man For Not Wanting To Go Out With Her Daughter| thumbnail text - Posted by u/ingolos 9 hours ago AITA for telling my mom's friend the reason I'm not interested in her daughter

Delusional Woman Chastises Young Man For Not Wanting To Go Out With Her Daughter

Attraction is not controllable
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funny women possessive toxic controlling unhealthy relationships exes women the single society - 14748421

Women Reveal The Crazy 'Rules' Controlling Exes Set For Them While Dating

Red flag alert
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