Conspiracy Theory


Conspiracy Theory: Wonder Woman and Princess Diana Might Just Be The Same Person

As you all know, Wonder Woman is an amazing asset to our society. She's strong and fast, and she'll whip the truth right out of people with that golden lasso. But lately, I've been thinking there might be a truth that needs to get whipped out of HER: who is she, really? Most of us know her real name is Diana Prince but doesn't that sound awfully similar to...Princess Diana? You know, the widely-adored, allegedly deceased princess of Wales? Once I noticed this subtle detail, I couldn't stop seeing the similarities. It's uncanny! Have a look for yourself…

the conspiracy of princess Diana and wonder woman | thumbnail text - BOTH Diana Prince and Princess Diana are the same gender! Sure, lots of people in the world are women. This could be circumstantial. But doesn’t it seem just a little too convenient?
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