Woman Refuses To Wear Bra At Work Despite Coworkers Complaints

Being an employee means adhering to specific workplace rules and risking inevitable consequences if you don't. Included in those policies is the dress-code, which will, of course, differ depending on where you work. However, sometimes the rules aren't so clear-cut and can be left open to the employee's interpretation—for example, deciding whether or not wearing a bra is necessary. One woman faced this very problem and posted on Reddit's Am I The A**hole after receiving complaints from her new coworkers about her refusal to wear a bra in the office. She stresses that she didn't wear a bra at her previous job, her nipples weren't on show, and a sweater hid her 'large boobs,' and she was, in her opinion, entirely appropriate. Redditors, however, disagreed and argued that, although it sucks, it was unprofessional and if she didn't like the policy at her new workplace, she should find another job. What do you think?

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