Museums Hold Twitter Competition To Find World's Creepiest Exhibit

Just because we're in the middle of a global pandemic and museums are closed, doesn't mean we can't see the exhibits inside them! And thanks to a tweet from Yorkshire Museum, you can now see some of the most sinister objects in the world, as submitted on Twitter by museum curators. The Yorkshire museum created a week #curatorbattle on social media for museums around the world to showcase their creepiest exhibits, and museums from all over the world have taken part. If you're up for seeing creepy things in a jar, chopped up dolls' faces and severed fingers, keep scrolling down below. 

museum creepy exhibit competition twitter scary gross | Natural Sciences NMS @NatSciNMS Replying YorkshireMuseum Our #CreepiestObject has be this 'mermaid CURATORBATTLE #Troubling Taxidermy MERMAID ALMTEXTINGr National Museums Scotland and Sankurie 1:00 PM Apr 17, 2020 Twitter iPhone 523 Retweets 4K Likes
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