People Spill Company Secrets From Places They Don’t Work At Anymore| Thumbnail text - Embarrassed-Ad8053 · 4d we used to throw any donuts, bagels, or muffins out at the end of every night at dunkin. one week around christmas time we would donate the food, but other than that it was all waste, and if we took any home ourselves we would get charged for it. G Reply 1 2.8k 3

People Spill Company Secrets From Places They Don’t Work At Anymore

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woman shaming bikini company

Company Blasts Interviewee For Having A Bikini Pic On Instagram

At least this company got their karma after publicly shaming this poor girl! Emily Clow was applying for a marketing position with company, "Kicka$$ Masterminds," but after the company came across a picture of her in a bikini.. in a pool.. on Instagram, they decided to publicly shame her in their company Instagram stories. Who is "Kicka$$ Masterminds"? According to their site, it is a consulting firm that specializes in "expert-led, professionally organized, rigorously curated mastermind groups…
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soap funny lol company

Company Creates Soap Bars For Literally Everyone (36 Soaps)

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Marketing Campaign amazon men product company underwear chinese - 5442821

This Chinese Company Created a Masterful Campaign For Its Men's Underwear

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