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Iconic 'Psycho Roommate' Tweets We Saw This Week (March 29, 2021)

Your roomies can either be the love of your life or sent to you directly from hell. When unfortunately the latter, many times you can't move out because you're signed onto a lease and feel guilty tricking someone into replacing you. Or it's just too darn expensive to live alone and this is the only apartment you can afford or find right now. Either way, Twitter definitely understands your struggle and has taken to documenting the crazy actions of their psycho roommates on a weekly basis. Just know that you're not alone, and scroll down to hear about roommates that just might be crazier than yours. 

Funny tweets about psycho roommates this week | thumbnail text - JasonMach7 If ever think have crazy roommate just remember mine is currently trying get arrested 8:33 AM Mar 22, 2021 Twitter iPhone
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