People Who Caught Their Co-Workers In Compromising Positions

For the most part, people are professional at work. They come to work, do their jobs, and don't commit crimes, or sleep with anyone while there. You know, that sort of thing. But others have a hard time sticking to these types of rules and decide that work is an appropriate place to have sex, steal money, and generally disregard all proper social conduct. If you can get away with it, props to you - sort of. Ok, not really. But if you're going to do something that stupid at work, at least make sure you don't get caught. These people share stories of the compromising positions they caught their coworkers in, and the tales are pretty shocking! Have you ever found a coworker in a situation they shouldn't have been?

people who caught coworkers in compromising positions - cover pic story about working at wendys and catching manager and coworker having sex | Abigail Petersen, former Drive Thru at Wendy's (2013-2015) Answered August 6 worked at Wendy's younger sent walk- freezer get more fries and opened door find manager banging co-worker just grabbed fries near door and walked out without saying word co-worker made shift manager few weeks later. Neither them acknowledged and basically ignored after If
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