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'Karen' Dishes Out Entitled Advice To Woman Who Coughs On Coffee Shop Employees

Guess who's back with the best weekly advice column in all fifty states? That's right - it's your local Karen spitting facts as per usual! Manager not meeting your demands? Neighborhood teenagers acting shady? Takeout food not made exactly the way you like it? No need to suffer any longer! Karen's here to tell you how to handle any nuisances that may come your way. She'll be having you living your best life in no time!

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Dear Karen advice column, the advice column helping you get the privilege you're entitled to | thumbnail Text- Font - Dear Coffee shop connoisseur, I commend you for standing your ground against the manager and his army of employees. After all, you're a paying customer - not to mention a regular - and Dear Karen, My local coffee shop started enforcing mask- wearing. The last time I was there, the manager the customer is always right. Write to your local mayor to told me I had to wear one. Natura
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