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The Clubbing, Jetsetting 20 Year Old That You Once Were is DEAD and Now Prefers to Garden Tasty Little Veggies and Cute Pearl Tomatoes

Time to join the HOA
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tik tok about getting free drinks from guys at the club | thumbnail text -

Tik Toker Jokingly Celebrates Successfully Scheming Guys At The Club For Free Drinks

Being hot at the club ain't easy
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tik tok about woman who invites tinder matches to the club | thumbnail text - invited my 50 tinder matches to the same club

Woman Invites 50 Tinder Matches To The Club, All Pass The Vibe Check

We love this idea
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askwomen thread | thumbnail text - meoweth_cat 10 hr. ago start oinking then if they ask why doing dramatically gasp and say trying speak language Then continue oinking again

Women Reveal Funny Ways They Scare Off Creepy Men

We love going out just as much as the next girl, but it can often get creepy real quick depending on the types of guys that are out that night. Some of these dudes can get it, whereas others should be getting a restraining order against them. Seriously, some men go out with no idea how to talk to women, and unfortunately, they decide to take the creepy route to the extent that we don't feel safe or comfortable in their presence. We've gotten so used to guys being creepy that we've come up with…
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Funny tweets about club promoters | thumbnail text - jordan ... @spicyfusilli some kid at sleepaway camp once sucker punched me and I had to get 4 stitches in my lip when was 10. he is now a Miami club promoter and it all makes so much sense. 6:52 PM · Apr 3, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Explain Why Club Promoters Are The Bane Of Their Existence

Club promoters need to lose this number
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Advice from our resident f*ckboy | thumbnail text - They will flake on dinner to drink with the boys, just as easily as they will stop responding to your text messages with a shred of urgency once they have already sealed the deal (i.e. just to reiterate, again, I am talking about SEX. Good ol' finger banging, butt licking, steamy, sweaty sex).

Ten Major F*ckboy Red Flags

Beware of the f*ckboy
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Guys women encounter at the club | thumbnail text -  Awkward Hoverer A clubbing first-timer (or his friends cancelled on him at the last minute), this guy will hover around your friend group and dance awkwardly forever - until you let him into your circle. If you're feeling generous, adopt him for the night. Cheers to new friends!

Guys All Women Encounter At The Club

In the club, we all fam
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