Women Reveal Times They Were Underestimated| Thumbnail text - celesteb4 1 month ago Was invited to a weekend away with a supplier to launch their new range. My husband went with and on the 'order day' the Financial Manager of the supplier came up to my husband and asked him what he thinks about the new range and what he is considering to buy. My husband replied very dryly that he is only the plus 1 and that he must speak to me seeing that I am the one with the chequebook. 14.0k + Reply Give Awar

Women Reveal Times They Were Severely Underestimated

"I'm the client, not him. Thanks."
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funny tweets demands customers professional client reveal crazy | Pigeon Fancier @isabelzawtun 's most ridiculous demand customer has made l'll go first working retail woman once demanded pick her up her Botox appointment with my car bring her mall shop

Professionals Reveal The Craziest Demands From Their Customers

The customer is always right. Sometimes
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