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We Watched Wholesome Christmas Movies, And Decided To Rate The Top Outfits

We all know the Hallmark Christmas movie standard plot: big city girl tryna have it all has to go live in a small town right before Christmas, learns from the small-town folks to be happy with a simple life, falls in love with a down-to-earth local guy, and celebrates Christmas the way the Founding Fathers intended. By the end, she leaves her heathen, er, I mean, big-city life behind to stay in her new home for good. And it's great! Sometimes she goes somewhere besides a small town, but always somewhere outside her comfort zone where she can act lovably clueless so that her beau-of-the-people can roll his eyes and show her the RIGHT way to churn butter or whatever they do out there.

Sadly, as these ladies get humbled, so do their outfits. So let's take a look at how they look before they learn the true meaning of Christmas, and try to answer the age-old question: is happiness worth the boring clothes?

we rated the outfits from women in top wholesome Christmas movies and here's what we found | thumbnail Holiday In The Wild 4/10 Points added for simple and stylish, points deducted because the blouse is a little bit see- through. This is a Christmas movie, not Girls Gone Wild, Kristin!
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