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People Reveal Weird Childhood Beliefs

As children, we form our views and ideas of the world based on the information we receive. Or, more realistically, on what we extrapolate from the truth, which is usually total nonsense.  Then, we grow up, learn more about the world and how it works, and realize that what we used to believe was just not true. But it's fun to look back and remember the bizarre things we used to think before we learned the real ways of the world. A Twitter thread started by writer Kristin Arnett has sparked people to reveal the utterly ridiculous things they believed as kids before the ugly truth set in.

people share their bizarre childhood beliefs | thumbnail Text - Moose Friend @sarahthemoose Replying to @Kristen Arnett My dad told me the appendix was an organ our cavemen ancestors needed to hold rocks to grind up their food I was TWENTY TWO about to go in for emergency surgery, crying "I've never even eaten any rocks" when the ER docs had a good laugh at me 5:08 PM · Dec 20, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone >
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